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Standard Website Package

13 Pages of Power-Packed Infomation to Sky-Rocket Your Online Marketing


* Hosting and Maintenance Automatically Provided For You
* Video Background to Enhance Your Site's Attractiveness
* Full Video Business Presentation on Home Page
* Compensation Plan Explanation with Video, Text and Graphics
* Automated Micro Cafe Video Presentation
* Text, Graphics and Video Presentation of Various Products
* In-depth Analysis of Ingredients that Make Our Products Superior
* Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Section

* Getting Started Page Outlining Step-By-Step Instructions
* Expert Analysis of the Network Marketing Business Model
* Expert Comparison of Network Marketing vs. Illegal Pyramids
* Up-to-date Information on New Product Launches, Etc.


 * All the information your prospects need in one easy to reach location
* You don't need to know all the information to build a successful business
* The power and versatility of online marketing at your fingertips
* Reach 1000's of prospects just when they're looking for a business opportunity
  (475,000 new people go online every week looking for a home based business)
* Your Own Photo and Contact Info Displayed to Connect with Your Visitors
* A quality marketing system your entire team can use to maximize productivity
* With this system every member of your team is an instant expert
* You get to offer an easily duplicated marketing system to each new prospect
* No one needs to have all the answers - The website does all the work for you
* With this system up and running you get to make money while you're sleeping
* You gain new Distributors and Customers on auto-pilot


Please complete your One Time Set-up Fee payment of 
$19.95 and then immediately return here to complete your first monthly payment of $9.95.

Both Payments Must be Completed Before Website is Set Up.

Thank you!





As a self-taught Professional I have greatly reduced my fees not only to remain competitive in the Marketplace but to give you the absolute lowest price possible!

A study of the costs quoted on
this website will confirm this.

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Terms and Conditions: By submitting your order you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. All fees are non refundable. You agree there are no refunds of any kind. It takes a tremendous amount of work to set up your website. Our Technicians invest many hours setting up your system hence the reason for our no refund policy. You can cancel your subscription at anytime. Use of this system is unlimited and any non-use by subscriber does not constitute a reason for a refund.

Cancellations: Your LeadsCaptureSystem.com account may be canceled at anytime by logging in to your Paypal Account and cancelling your monthly subscription from there. We have no control over this. Only you can cancel your subscription.

Sign Ups: You agree that LeadsCaptureSystem.com cannot and does not guarantee Sign Ups or Conversions of any kind for your business. Actual sign ups depend on many different factors over which we have no control.

Disclaimer: By subscribing to this program you confirm that you understand that LeadsCaptureSystem.com is NOT a part of ANY Network Marketing Company and that no MLM Company is responsible for this marketing system in any way.


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